Sans Paper: flick the paperwork

We believe in;

People, Persistence, Passion, and Prudence

We value respect, communication, and outside-the-box thinking. And we love coffee.

Who we are

We are makers, dreamers and thinkers

With the smart team and cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we are constantly providing cloud and mobile-based solutions to construction and infrastructure businesses worldwide.
The combined years of experience of our talented workforce, our ability to innovate with cloud and mobile-based solutions that are adaptable to clients’ unique systems, and our passion to satisfy our clients with exceptional customer services are what stand us above the lots.

By the virtue of these, we have kept a plethora of clients happy and their businesses scaling higher than they were before they started using our platforms.

About Us

Australian-Based Developer

Sans Paper is an Australian-based developer of solutions that is committed to helping construction companies worldwide improve their business operations. This we do by digitalizing the processes of data collection and analyses with cloud and mobile-based software solutions.

Our platform solutions in form of custom cloud and mobile-based applications aim to completely sideline the use of paperwork and help connect every team member throughout the entire line of operations. Our products make collaboration easier within your lines of operation.

Our Story

Thinking out-side the box

The problem with the paper became clear when after a number of years working in the Civil Construction Industry, Marcus van Enk jumped into one of his team members trucks, flipped down the sun visor, and showered with paperwork and receipts. With steam pouring out of his ears, he thought there must be a better way.
Shortly after, he took a sabbatical and leaning on his passion for tech, building and systems, he ventured into the tech industry through the setup of a platform services company – Platformers. Through this experience and maintaining the dream to remove pen and paper from a typical contractor’s day to day operations alive, he founded Sans Paper and started building platforms.
The power of forms became more and more evident as time went on. Forms are the cornerstone of a team’s data requirements.
Utilising the power of leading mobile technology frameworks, sans paper is focused on delivering the world’s best connected forms applications for any industry vertical simply and without paper.