Sans Paper: flick the paperwork

Looking for powerful tool’s software for your business?

Switching from Kynection to Sans Paper gives your team a comprehensive, collaborative, powerful, in-workflow solution for knowledge management. Designed for your whole company, Sans Paper helps you empower your field workers easy to manage and access what is needed, wherever and whenever you need it.

And it’s user friendly!

See how Sans Paper and

Kynection features compare

Why choose Sans Paper over Kynection?
Sans Paper
Simplify your data capture

Capture data from their line of operations as soon and as easily as possible for detailed analyses and implementation of required actions.

Better Performance

Platforms work together as a system. A system that works for your team and your business. We connect you to your supply chain and we store and manage your data for current and future reference.

Help all your best work without paper

Capture and store data generated from their line of operations, in huge paper packs, distributed files, spreadsheets and documents.

Data Transparent without Paper

Help you capture data where and when it happens. Always available for the times your team needs us. Our platforms are always on and always accessible via mobile, cloud or offline.


Priced from as low as $3.55 per user a month within the means of any business with field workers.