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Sans Paper Connect

Empower Your Team with the Body of Knowledge.
Enhance your team's understanding and performance with seamless access to knowledge resources, procedures, manuals and contacts through Sans Paper Connect app.

Body of Knowledge

Sans Paper Connect
Body of Knowledge

No need for frustration of new hires, BoK makes it easier.
We’ll help them to understand how your company operates and
who to contact.

Easy to manage

Anyone that can use a
word processor
can create and
edit knowledge base
within seconds.

No more Searching for
paper documents

No longer carrying paper manual,
binders, booklets, and documents with
them onto field sites.


Low cost and useful.

Central Updating

Using Sans Paper Hub
your management can add,
edit and update the business
knowledge base easily
for everyone from pc.

Online and Offline Access

Bok operates whether
you’re in range or out of range.
Updates are made, and announcements
received when returning into range.

body of knowledge

No need to frustration of
new hires, make it easier.
Efficient. Excellent.