Sans Paper: flick the paperwork

Sans Paper Connect

A platform that connects your business platform to mobile forms.

Is an intuitive, lightweight app that lets your busy users do what they need quickly. It takes the power of process to your field workers, allowing the whole team – from managers to those on the tools – to benefit from digitization.

Sans Paper Connect a platform that connects your business platforms to mobile forms

Connects to your ERP, CRM or other web-based platforms to make it mobile, connects your field teams with the office and provides you with more data streams so you can stay across all your business activities.

Sans Paper Connect extends the value of your existing platforms

Currently works with Upvise and allows for better and faster delivery of information from the field to relevant teams – without the need to even step foot outside the door. Literally meaning “without paper”, Sans Paper empowers your workers to be your eyes in the field, sharing information that can help identify problems and faults related to equipment or optimize and improve your processes.