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Projects/Ops Create the perfect system to help your team to perform at full force

In most construction businesses, every project has different stages of execution that require different kinds of expertise to handle all its aspects. It starts with planning and gathering ideas and designs, and evaluating the different materials and costs, and when that is settled, the field workers start the execution process and bring those ideas to life.

Construction Manager

As the construction manager, it’s your job to keep every aspect of every project on the right track, including planning, budgeting, and monitoring the progress to recognize what needs to be improved, and what is going according to plan.

The overwhelming number of responsibilities that come with this job leaves construction managers in need of a convenient, functional system that acts as their personal assistant, aids them in their planning and protocol implementation, and provides them with a way to easily communicate with everyone they’re responsible for.

The reason why most construction managers never actually opt for any digital systems is that they seem very complex and unintuitive, especially for businesses that already have a system in place and don’t want to replace it, but instead want something that can add to it and complete it.

Introducing Sans Paper and Sans Paper connect

An affordable, simple-to-use ecosystem to cover all aspects of your construction business.

Sans paper provides you with a digital, cloud-based system that’s easy-to-use, functional, and seamlessly implemented into any kind of existing system you already have!

It enables you to keep consistent communication with all departments and field workers under your responsibility and to monitor their performance and the overall progress on all your ongoing projects through a comprehensive set of features that cover all your needs.

How does it help?

  • Platform Portal – your own personal communication channel in which you can share all your operational data securely and easily with external parties including your customers, interested suppliers, subcontractors, and virtually anyone concerned with the data.
  • Platform tracker – the secret weapon to move you ahead of any competitor out there. Rid yourself from dealing with spreadsheets and report papers, and enjoy real-time monitoring of project costs, visibility over workers’ timesheets, and a single spot to find all records regarding your workforce. In addition to that, it can be easily integrated into payroll accounting platforms.
  • Cost Control – Stay on top of all the details regarding your projects including costs, payroll, and materials all in one place. Easily trace back all costs to their respectful projects.
  • Admin rights – Exclusive control over the audit trail of any changes made to the platforms, including user management and support tickets.
  • Support services – A way for you to provide support to your own teams, or reach out to our team of developers and customer support teams in case of any questions or problems.
  • Team Planner – Enjoy a birds-eye view of your team members, and improve your planning capabilities ahead of any project by having a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.


Just like before, we are committed to bringing you scalable software solutions that can help you achieve your organisational goals.